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  1. [ubuntu] qsynth segmentation fault
  2. [all variants] merge images to animation or video
  3. [ubuntu] Looking for a voice changer...
  4. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio install
  5. [all variants] quicktime compatible AVI
  6. [xubuntu] xubuntu and ubuntu studio
  7. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 9.04 installation fails on HP G60
  8. [kubuntu] Is there a better program to brun cd/DvD.??
  9. [ubuntu] Exporting animations from Pencil animation program
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Has anyone got todiscgui to work on jaunty
  11. [all variants] ffmpeg and mp4
  12. [ubuntu] Reason 3 works with wine / wine doors
  13. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio how to install Grub not Lilo?
  14. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Control
  15. [ubuntu_studio] 64Studio
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Qsynth / Rosegarden Gives up after a couple of bars
  17. [SOLVED] How do I apply the obscure effect to a selection of video in Kdenlive?
  18. [ubuntu] Brasero Disk Burner problem
  19. [kubuntu] Sound doesn't work on kubuntu 9.04 64 bits HDA ATI SB, ALC88
  20. [ubuntu] nvidia drivers not working in rt kernel
  21. [ubuntu] How to make MP3's
  22. [ubuntu] How do I make a video from my desktop?
  23. [ubuntu] Audacity only lets me record for HALF A SECOND!
  24. [ubuntu_studio] For any who use Line 6 products...
  25. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio - audio performance ?
  26. [ubuntu] Program that reads scans of sheet music?
  27. [all variants] AVItoDVD software
  28. [ubuntu] Video Editing Software
  29. [all variants] roland 1880 multitrack
  30. [ubuntu] how to ffado and freebob on hardy - easy tutorial - for dummies!
  31. [ubuntu] Firefly (mt-daapd) crashing on startup
  32. [ubuntu_studio] Emedia midi controller
  33. [ubuntu_studio] Zynaddsubfx stability
  34. [ubuntu_studio] Intel HDA captures white noise even when the microphone is unplugged
  35. [ubuntu_studio] cinerella rending silver bullet? or profile?
  36. [ubuntu_studio] Starting a Music Project
  37. [ubuntu] How do i run GIMPshop?
  38. [all variants] Speech to text
  39. [ubuntu] Installing HTML slideshow generators, but where are they?
  40. [all variants] time stamp on dv video
  41. [all variants] No sound in Nted (NoteEditor)
  42. [all variants] Can ALSA (midi ONLY) run parallel with OSS (hardware)?
  43. [ubuntu] Problems Exporting With Stopmotion
  44. [ubuntu] recording problems with audacity, ardour, jack...
  45. [xubuntu] Video editing software?
  46. [ubuntu] new install or update ubuntu studio ?
  47. [ubuntu] Ac3 and m2v merged
  48. [ubuntu] gimp to draw pictures?
  49. [ubuntu] paste two movie side by side
  50. [ubuntu] how to use cdg2bin from cdg tools
  51. [ubuntu] DeNemo / Lilypond How do you.....
  52. [ubuntu] Anyone know flash?
  53. [ubuntu] Making Videos for Website Productions
  54. [SOLVED] Licencing problem with Autodesk Maya 2009
  55. [ubuntu] internet radio?
  56. [ubuntu_studio] latest update
  57. [ubuntu] Live Streaming Desktop capture
  58. [ubuntu] Seq24, Jaunty and Jack Transport Problems
  59. [ubuntu] SHOUTcast HELP... PLEASE?!!?
  60. [ubuntu] Sibelius-like software?
  61. [ubuntu] Presentation software
  62. [ubuntu_studio] Connecting my phone trough the PC
  63. [ubuntu] In Mixxx, the collusion theme doesn't work with my monitor
  64. [ubuntu_studio] OpenGL 3.0 and Cinelerra?
  65. [ubuntu] I want to make a NICE slideshow with kdenlive, but am having technical problems
  66. [ubuntu_studio] How to strip video from audio
  67. [ubuntu] Weird problens with Audacity in Jaunty
  68. [ubuntu] Anyone know any good mp3 encoders for Linux?
  69. [ubuntu] Is it possible to tween the scale of something in kdenlive over time?
  70. [ubuntu] Dbmixer not working in Hardy
  71. [all variants] Blender UI in software rendering?
  72. [ubuntu] loking for some midi editor, but without jack
  73. [all variants] Rock Ridge (ISO9660 Extension) - NOT Needed When Burning UDF???
  74. [all variants] Recording large windows
  75. [ubuntu] Audacity problem export format missing
  76. [ubuntu] JJ and problems with sound on USB DAC with firefox-3.5
  77. [all variants] Software/Hardware combo for recording Live Presentations
  78. [ubuntu] Signal-Processing Software
  79. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio 9.04 freezes.....Burrrrrrr
  80. [ubuntu] I want to start doing my music in UBUNTU!
  81. [ubuntu] Xvid is an unsupported format; kdenlive won't let me select it for rendering
  82. [ubuntu_studio] Got Emagic Unitor/AMT8 and Echo Mia running under Ubuntu Studio
  83. [ubuntu] Can't update LMMS
  84. [ubuntu] music from computer keyboard?
  85. [ubuntu] I really want to edit videos in Ubuntu (kdenlive question)
  86. [ubuntu_studio] Guitarport USB drivers!!!
  87. [ubuntu] video to swf ?
  88. [ubuntu_studio] Just an ardour idiot question :)
  89. [ubuntu] Garageband/iMovie replacements?
  90. [ubuntu] ktoon export
  91. [all variants] Trying to cut video in m2t file
  92. [all variants] You whant to save rtmp videos?
  93. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Television Studio-Streaming Video
  94. [all variants] oss2jack: kfusd patch for newer kernels
  95. [ubuntu] Jack-rack in Hardy
  96. [all variants] Experiences with flash camcorders?
  97. [all variants] Best way to convert bitmap to vector ( X to EPS)
  98. [ubuntu] Adding watermark to videos
  99. [other] how to contribute for community?
  100. [all variants] Multiple Input Files with FFmpeg, or Mencoder
  101. [ubuntu_studio] external MIDI control
  102. [all variants] Pianoteq native Linux version!
  103. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio 9.04 realtime kernel problem
  104. [ubuntu] Of Jack, rosegarden and headaches...
  105. [ubuntu] Problem installing Calibre (eBook creator)
  106. [ubuntu] any Hd-converter for ubuntu!?
  107. [ubuntu] GIMP Multipage image printing
  108. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour playback problems
  109. [ubuntu_studio] qsynth and jack
  110. [ubuntu] Program to use for joining avi files directly from iso or vob filesets ?
  111. [ubuntu] Problems with Eclipse and MySQL
  112. [ubuntu] increasing the mp3 sound level
  113. [ubuntu] Saffire LE + Jack Automatic Connections
  114. [ubuntu] wineasio only showing 2 inputs n 2 outputs
  115. [ubuntu_studio] YouTube though Jack: flash->pulseaudio->jackd->alsa
  116. [ubuntu] print multiple files in specified order
  117. [ubuntu] Reducing length of sound file
  118. [ubuntu] FFmpeg - Removing Commercial Breaks from mpeg TV Recordings
  119. [ubuntu] Newbie Ubuntu Music Production
  120. [ubuntu] Brasero not burning right.
  121. [ubuntu] DigiKam mpeg slideshow?
  122. [ubuntu_studio] fontforge segmentation fault
  123. Sound Editing software
  124. [ubuntu] Linux compatable version of Xtreme photo
  125. [all variants] Merge two avi to play side-by-side
  126. [all variants] Problem with kdenlive making theora video
  127. [all variants] How can I make Cinelerra recognize a video format?
  128. [all variants] Xvidcap crashes
  129. [other] Are there ANY good screen recorders for Linux?
  130. [ubuntu] Ardour Export Issue
  131. [ubuntu_studio] inkscape
  132. [ubuntu] Whats opensource equiv of flash?
  133. [ubuntu] divx encoder help please
  134. [ubuntu] Gimp + Vector = ?
  135. [ubuntu] CSS and HTML coding software
  136. [ubuntu] Musician switching from Windows
  137. [ubuntu] Audacity hangs while recording..
  138. [ubuntu] Ardour 2.8 with VST - package for Ubuntu 9.04?
  139. [ubuntu] Kino issues, raw1394 disappered
  140. [ubuntu] Gimp question
  141. [SOLVED] JACK/Ardour xruns
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Alsamixer not showing M-Audio Audiofile 192 inputs
  143. [ubuntu] Remote capture dslr
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Multiple percussion tracks in Rosegarden?
  145. [ubuntu] Besides audacity and ardour are there any other audio edits/sequencers worth checking
  146. [ubuntu] MIDI out want work anymore
  147. [ubuntu] Compile "OpenShot Video Editor"?
  148. [ubuntu] Can't save in Fyre
  149. [ubuntu_studio] Jack stopped working suddenly!
  150. [all variants] Script to aid in recording from webcam
  151. [ubuntu_studio] Side Effects Houdini for linux - replacement for After Effects
  152. [ubuntu] 9.04: SoundJuicer
  153. [ubuntu] Website playlist ...
  154. [ubuntu] Mp3 to video convert tool
  155. [all variants] Slideshow for DVD using a couple of programs
  156. [all variants] Can you recommend a TURNKEY DAW?
  157. [ubuntu] rosegarden only works as root
  158. [ubuntu_studio] Can't start JACK
  159. [ubuntu_studio] SoundFonts + Qsynth = ???
  160. [ubuntu] Kino and DeVeDe workflow help needed
  161. [ubuntu] USB Audio Interface
  162. [ubuntu] Live Video Mixer
  163. [ubuntu] Mixxx hangs when I cahnge latency setting
  164. [ubuntu] Capture screen with internal Audio using qJACKctl + gtkRecormydesktop ??
  165. [ubuntu] Which video editor should I use?
  166. [xubuntu] windows movie maker project
  167. [ubuntu] Microphone volume on gateway t-1623
  168. [ubuntu] XBMC (XBOX Media Center)
  169. [all variants] Simple thumbnail gallery
  170. [ubuntu_studio] Digital Audio mixers and linux
  171. [ubuntu] using blur/sharpen tool in gimp
  172. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS 0.4.2 segfaults frequently
  173. [ubuntu] DAW for Linux?
  174. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio Upgrade Failure
  175. [ubuntu] script for recording screencasts with ffmpeg (video+audio)
  176. [ubuntu] Inkscape crashes when trying to edit one particular file
  177. [ubuntu] Gimp 2.6
  178. [all variants] please give me suggestions....
  179. [ubuntu] Preview issues with Open Movie Editor
  180. [ubuntu] TASCAM us-144 and jaunty jackalope
  181. [ubuntu_studio] Latency compensation
  182. [ubuntu] STAC9227 codec and Line-in
  183. [ubuntu] DVD-menu buttons, animated?
  184. [ubuntu] Anyone suggest a good video editor?
  185. [ubuntu] gimp extract video range unkown file type
  186. [ubuntu] Strange experiments with recording audio on Ubuntu 9.04 (ALSA vs. OSS)
  187. [ubuntu] digital voice recorders
  188. [ubuntu] What's with Youtube?
  189. [ubuntu] Blender 2.49
  190. [ubuntu] Ubuntu, Ardour and Firewire Mixing Desks
  191. [ubuntu_studio] Jack only in stereo
  192. [all variants] 64 Studio / Ubuntu Studio
  193. [ubuntu] Problems with ripping mp3's
  194. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour- can't record when opening old session
  195. [ubuntu] Autotune for linux
  196. [ubuntu] exporting mp3 with audacity
  197. [ubuntu] Gaia '08 Question...?
  198. [ubuntu] gtk-recordmydesktop + compiz cube effects = severe tearing
  199. [all variants] How can I analyze an audio track?
  200. [ubuntu_studio] RT Kernel install/uninstall
  201. [ubuntu] MP4Box don't save IDTag's?
  202. [ubuntu] trying to record some vinyl, on-board line is picking up better than audigy 2 zs
  203. [all variants] Live video production?
  204. [ubuntu_studio] 50 year old rare stereo recording - hiss removal?
  205. [ubuntu_studio] JACK/Ardour: all sound recording is "offset"
  206. [ubuntu] emu xboard&alsa??????
  207. [ubuntu] No Playback While Recording Jack/Firepod
  208. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.04 Locks Up During Updates
  209. [all variants] narrow casting
  210. [ubuntu_studio] 9.04(RT), Pulse Audio, Alsa, CPU load et al.
  211. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio 9.04 and Cakewalk Sonar 8 (R)
  212. [ubuntu_studio] article about UStudio
  213. [ubuntu_studio] Green BG Effect
  214. [ubuntu] jack no playback ardour (firepod fp10)
  215. [ubuntu] USB Audio Devices for use as primary sound
  216. Professional subtitling
  217. [ubuntu] lame automatic wav to mp3 with tags
  218. [ubuntu] MIDI Keyboard Problem
  219. [ubuntu] guitar and Realtek ACL 880
  220. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get Alsa working with Jack - ubuntu studios, edirol ua25
  221. [ubuntu_mobile] rns
  222. [ubuntu_studio] no midi data and qjackctl freezes when disconnecting midi port
  223. [all variants] Miditech Midicontrol
  224. I learned web design with Dreamweaver and Illustrator
  225. [ubuntu] Cinelerra install help!
  226. [ubuntu] Can somebody explain to me how to use Kino to make a song/video I can put on youtube?
  227. [ubuntu_studio] 9.04 AMD64 RT PREEMPT Kernel Lockups
  228. [ubuntu] 8.04 Blender crashing with Illegal instruction
  229. [ubuntu] Decoding and converting AAC
  230. [ubuntu] Sibelius or similar
  231. [ubuntu] Looking for synth software, or synth.
  232. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour, Jack crash after export
  233. [ubuntu] ubuntu newbie needs help setting up home recording studio
  234. [ubuntu_studio] Setting up a basic recording studio, need info.
  235. [kubuntu] usable dvd
  236. [ubuntu] Sound slider not working properly -- 9.04
  237. [kubuntu] recording my músic
  238. [ubuntu_studio] Problem importing audio rosegarden / sox
  239. [ubuntu] Zooming in Cinelerra
  240. [ubuntu] Converting avi to mov With FFMpeg
  241. [ubuntu_studio] Issues with Jack, qSynth & RT
  242. [ubuntu] Unable to get sound or play timeline in OpenMovieEditor
  243. [ubuntu_studio] ath5k vs. jack conflict
  244. [all variants] Looking for Professional Broacasting Softwares
  245. [all variants] mencoder how to multi thread?
  246. [ubuntu] srt to smi convert
  247. [all variants] App to show keys pushed in a screencast?
  248. [ubuntu] Help creating a DVD using .VOB, .IFO, and .BUP files.
  249. [ubuntu] Correcting Subtitles in ManDVD?
  250. [ubuntu_studio] OpenGL 2.0 Shader?