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  1. Pull 9.10 from GA - return to BETA
  2. not working
  3. Rhythmbox vs. Banshee
  4. vote please!!!
  5. My own hate thread! (Take a look plz!!)
  6. Has Karmic had more initial problems?
  7. Distro recommendations
  8. Ubuntu seems to be going backwards
  9. For all those who dual boot Windows / OS X and Ubuntu
  10. Why is Anti-Virus not needed?
  11. Want to try out another distro for fun: choosing between Debian and Fedora
  12. Why XUBUNTU
  13. Was 9.10 tested before release?
  14. Let's talk about why to choose Ubuntu!
  15. Techies' fascination with the CLI.
  16. The shell way or the highway [long rant]
  17. Windows cold turkey chills...
  18. better not to know
  19. Would you like a mac (The hardware not OS X)
  20. Why do you like Ubuntu?
  21. Windows, Mac and Linux, all three have their advantages!
  22. vote to change ubuntu release frequency
  23. virus threat
  24. How does modern Ubuntu compare to modern Fedora?
  25. Sticking with windows
  26. What kind of K-X-U-buntu?
  27. Do you think that Canonical shoud alter the release schedule.
  28. [Linux Magazine] Hey Ubuntu, Stop Making Linux Look Bad
  29. Gnome users Have you ever tried KDE 4.3?
  30. why ubuntu does not appeal to the general public
  31. Better 32 or 64 bit?
  32. Things that annoy me.
  33. does linux have a future?
  34. Canonical Should ditch the 6 month release Schedule?
  35. One thing I dislike about Ubuntu (password authentication requests)
  36. do i need any type of virus protection
  37. protect my computer
  38. Should (democratic) governments *forced* to adopt Linux?
  39. virus-protection
  40. Ubuntu vs Gentoo
  41. So many flavors... willing to taste!
  42. How To Stop A Huge Paper Cut
  43. Doesnt windows 7 look like KDE?
  44. was ubuntu 9.10 pumped out because of Win7 release
  45. Whats your favorite linux distribution and why
  46. If Windows was free would you choose it over Ubuntu.
  47. 6 months ... is it enaugh to make a good release?
  48. what is the point of pulseaudio?
  49. Why don't *some* Mac people "get" free software & GNU/Linux?. Frustrating!
  50. Google Chrome - Will it hurt?
  51. Social engineering on Linux
  52. Ubuntu Karmic makes users migrate to other operating systems.
  53. Another OS showing Ubuntu how its done
  54. Google Chrome OS... Worst idea by Google
  55. I Just Lost the Game
  56. Ubuntu Really Virus/ Spyware / Adware /Malware proof?
  57. What features of Windows do you want in Ubuntu ?
  58. Viruses, what viruses
  59. My Big Move To Arch
  60. Installing Thunderbird (or any program)
  61. KDE, Xfce, Gnome - Pros & Cons?
  62. KDE, XFCE/Pretty, GNOME, not so much
  63. [Mono] Any real reason to hold it in the default install but getting rid of GIMP?
  64. Win 7 install errors
  65. [SOLVED] Best linux distro for me
  66. Phisical attack by USB device (and btw, ps/2)
  67. Anti-Virus program?
  68. When Do I Say GNU/Linux as opposed to Linux?
  69. Kubuntu has no style
  70. KDE or Gnome
  71. [SOLVED] on demand AV?
  72. Isn't any live cd a security risk?
  73. So, I got a mac...
  74. who else here hates the default theme?
  75. The Ubuntu language. What would you say is primary?
  76. Ubuntu is hopeless
  77. Best Anti-Virus for ubuntu 9.10
  78. Ubuntu cannot compete with OS X or Windows 7
  79. Windows 7 is OUR child
  80. Windows 7
  81. linux 'old tech' ?
  82. Ubuntu 9.10 or Mint 8?
  83. Is it possible to use Ubuntu without ever using the terminal?
  84. The reasons windows drives me back to linux.
  85. Firefox vs Opera
  86. What is the most stable debian based distro?
  87. Why the heck pidgin is replaced by empathy in karmic?
  88. [SOLVED] Anti Virus etc...
  89. Gnome or KDE And Why.
  90. KDE any Good?
  91. Ubuntu vs Kubuntu
  92. Why did you pick Linux?
  93. [SOLVED] Is ubuntu better at security than windows? And How?
  94. what is the "best" linux dist?
  95. The reason why you should use Google Chrome instead of Firefox
  96. what percentage of marketshare would show that gnu/linux is "mainstream?"
  97. ...time to move on from ubuntu ? what os's do you use
  98. Help I am in trouble now...
  99. Curse Linux for being so complicated
  100. Another Ubuntu logo ripoff? lol
  101. KlamAV Antivirus Program For Ubuntu Linux 10.04
  102. Can't someone compete with Windows on a professional level?
  103. Are you tired of "Arch Linux" threads in this forum?
  104. Arch or Ubuntu?
  105. Explain how open source makes linux more secure?
  106. Anybody ever try Arch?
  107. Unsophisticated/naive user behavior - my take on the win v. lin. v. mac issue
  108. Why do you dislike Microsoft Windows OS?
  109. One of my favorite advantages over windows
  110. Social engineering (trojan) via gnome-look.org
  111. Linux Publicized
  112. What is "Free as in beer" or "Free as in Speech"
  113. can we beat windows 7 in look?
  114. Gnome UI Requests
  115. automatic updates and gksu
  116. Do you like KDE?
  117. Firefox goodbye, welcome Chrome
  118. The Limit of ubuntu
  119. Which is the best?
  120. i dont get why itunes dosent work in ubuntu ?
  121. Is linux for hobbyists?
  122. Ubuntu 9.10 vs Windows 7
  123. 32 bit vs 64 bit question.
  124. Locking down Ubuntu - contribute ideas!
  125. Antivirus
  126. Karmic 9.10 Graphics Issues
  127. empathy vs pidgin
  128. KDE vs. Gnome
  129. Another "Naive" Antivirus thread
  130. Reasons to get familiar with the Terminal
  131. Chrome goodbye, welcome Firefox
  132. apt-get vs aptitude
  133. Mainstreaming Linux
  134. what distros do you have?
  135. Linux is not meant to "replace" Windows.
  136. aptitude or apt-get??? Again...
  137. OnAccess Virus Scanning
  138. Anti virus and firewall
  139. [SOLVED] 32bit Or 64bit?
  140. KDE vs Gnome
  141. Poll on 9.04 and 9.10
  142. Poll: Antivirus on ubuntu.
  143. OS Fanboys
  144. NetworkManager is a disgrace to linux!!!
  145. Two things i have hated about Ubuntu. Do you share my frustration?
  146. Your experience with Windows 7? Good or bad?
  147. Oops, window scammed
  148. [SOLVED] Suse and Ubuntu
  149. Gnome vs KDE
  150. Every computer hackable by Radio Freq?
  151. Cool Ubuntu feature!
  152. Fake Windows Antivirus Pop-up Ad Question
  153. M$ Bankrupt!
  154. KDE --> windows?
  155. Google Chrome Browser (Chromium for Ubuntu)
  156. Linux needs a dominant DE if the goal is to maximize userbase
  157. viruses etc...
  158. Windows the great
  159. Would a BSD based 'buntu be good?
  160. How Fanboys See Operating Systems
  161. Moonlight full of legal holes?
  162. Anyone compared Mandriva to Ubuntu?
  163. KDE or GNOME
  164. Scam website FAIL
  165. Do you use Linux along with another OS?
  166. Why use any other Linux Distros
  167. Are you an OS fanboy?
  168. Why ubuntu still isn't there yet
  169. [SOLVED] Stable + rolling release + light distro. Mere pipe-dream?
  170. Malware is it a threat or not
  171. G.I.M.P. Vs Photoshop throwdown
  172. this is why ubuntu is not #1
  173. CrunchBang Linux
  174. What would you use if Ubuntu died?
  175. How viable is it for Linux to get infected by a virus?
  176. I'm sick and tired of the 'Standards terrorism!'
  177. Anti virus for windows
  178. What is the best browser in the Linux
  179. What is difference between Ubuntu & Kubuntu?
  180. Ubuntu New Years Wish -- Canonical Please Listen
  181. Your worst program you paid for (any system)
  182. Is Gnome dragging Ubuntu
  183. What's this obsession with coffee?
  184. adifference between a Linux and Microsoft in terms of protection and safety?
  185. Fedora 12
  186. Which De is more Windows like KDE or Gnome?
  187. Linux Mint 8 vs Ubuntu 9.10 vs Fedora 12
  188. open source = piracy
  189. Which do you prefer: AMD or Intel?
  190. Is Ubuntu's six month release cycle too much?
  191. I am finally starting to realize how much Microsoft sucks
  192. OOo vs Go-oo
  193. Gnome / kde
  194. Top 5 Linux Distros
  195. Fedora 12
  196. Whats my best choice for a disc burner?
  197. [SOLVED] Evolution vs. Thunderbird?
  198. A few things that work better in Windows
  199. Is Ubuntu getting too fat?
  200. Arch Linux
  201. Is Ubuntu really immune to a virus?
  202. My Opinion on Why Windows is the Market Leader
  203. Linux Malware Proof that Linux is not as secure as we all think
  204. arch vs fedora
  205. which is the best anti viurs for ubuntu
  206. [SOLVED] Downsides of going to 64bit for 4GB RAM?
  207. Wow, MS Windows is useless...
  208. Direction Ubuntu is taking
  209. [SOLVED] Anti-Virus - is it necessary?
  210. Linus Torvalds ditches KDE 4 for gnome
  211. is there a good free antivirus for ubuntu?
  212. What are the security risks of not having password promts?
  213. what is your favourite web browser
  214. You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file.
  215. What Chrome OS can mean for Us Linux Users.
  216. The five softwares keeping me with Windows
  217. German government warned people not to use Internet Explorer
  218. netbook-launcher vs. compiz
  219. ubuntu security question
  220. Viruses and antivirus
  221. [SOLVED] Manual Partition vs Auto Partition
  222. 100 Reasons why Debian is preferred over Ubuntu
  223. Ubuntu compared to linux mint?
  224. Why linux will never make it!
  225. Is it a good idea to have the same password for user as root?
  226. Do you use an antivirus?
  227. Mint 8 KDE
  228. What is the most secure O/S & DE & Browser & Add-On set-up?
  229. Goodbye Firefox, hello Google Chrome
  230. Why Is ipv6 Enabled by Default?
  231. thoughts about root at recovery.
  232. The thread for Karmic Krashers
  233. What would you do?: a new virus
  234. Preferred browsers
  235. need some OS advice
  236. How will Ubuntu's move to proprietary software affect the free world?
  237. A House Divided
  238. Why switch if you want things the same?
  239. Linux vs. Windows in Google Trends
  240. Intel or AMD
  241. [SOLVED] Do you refer to Ubuntu and other such operating systems as 'Linux' or 'GNU/Linux'?
  242. Let's do Ubuntu "more proprietary"
  243. why is ubuntu more popular than linux mint?
  244. Windows is slow. why?
  245. Life as a nerd
  246. what is the difference between 32bit and 64bit
  247. help me understand the fs concept
  248. Security issue: root access during boot fsck
  249. Playing with distros...
  250. Ubuntu vs Debian