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  1. Where did you go?
  2. Which distro will be the next ubuntu?
  3. KDE V Unity pros cons etc
  4. LInux is not ready for prime time
  5. Thread got closed. That's OK. It's fine.
  6. OS ergonomics musings.
  7. The REAL reasons more people don't use Linux
  8. The End Of Ubuntu As A Major Linux Distribution?
  9. Will Ubuntu be the first distro to eliminate the command line?
  10. How Ubuntu will compete with windows 8?
  11. Avoiding command line solutions in help forums
  12. Anti VIrus
  13. Lucid going downhill!
  14. Game sponsoring
  15. Why are Ubuntu upgrades still so much trouble?
  16. Firefox and Chrome
  17. New Names for Different DE
  18. Has there been any reaction from Canonical to the communities Unity critic?
  19. Ubuntu or Fedora?
  20. How do you think about this rant ?
  21. I'm leaving Ubuntu, but I'm not going far
  22. The Windows Manifesto
  23. PCWorld - 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux
  24. Why 32bit?
  25. 64 bit: current experience
  26. why ubuntu is better than windows 7
  27. [SOLVED] The reasons I'm going back to Windows
  28. Half-Rolling Distro
  29. Ubuntu 11.04 vs Fedora 15
  30. What do you think about the unity interface?
  31. How far would you take your software freedom?
  32. Ubuntu 11.4 - are you going to upgrade?
  33. Virus threat appeared on ubuntu for windows
  34. Which NLE do you prefer?
  35. i will remove ubuntu tonight and i ll go back to win7 :@ thats it !
  36. The, I like other operating systems thread (no bashing)
  37. Functional Eye Candy
  38. Ubuntu Sliding Popularity
  39. Dear Ubuntu by Jesse Smith
  40. Do you use virus protection software?
  41. Gubuntu
  42. antivirus system
  43. Is Ubuntu becoming as bloated as Windows?
  44. GNOME vs KDE vs XFCE vs LXDE vs Fluxbox
  45. [SOLVED] whats the logicfor not provide firefox-4 as upgrade till now?
  46. How can ubuntu compete with Windows when there's no quality DVD software?
  47. Pulseaudio vs ALSA
  48. How do you feel about no Classic option for Oneiric?
  49. Why don't people use Linux
  50. [SOLVED] Firefox vs Chrome vs Opera
  51. Steam For Linux
  52. [SOLVED] Open Office vs Microsoft Office 2010
  53. Does Microsoft's acquisition of Skype mean the death of Skype for Linux?
  54. Which is better: Mac, Windows, or Ubuntu?
  55. Dear Unity, I hate you...
  56. kubuntu is great and beautiful
  57. [SOLVED] Why don't computers come with Linux
  58. How many people use Linux
  59. [SOLVED] Lightest Linux GUI Distro Ever
  60. The changes (for the worse?) in 11.04
  61. Who is more anti-Linux, Windows or Apple?
  62. Is Ubuntu 11.04 really buggy as everyone claims?
  63. Ubuntu 11.04 antivirus
  64. Ubuntu's not dead just Ubuntu. A Rant.
  65. GNOME 2 vs GNOME 3
  66. What can Ubuntu not do compared with other distros
  67. Why is Linux less popular than OS X?
  68. 32 bit vs 64 bit
  69. [SOLVED] What is the future of Unity 2D?
  70. How awesome is Gnome Shell
  71. Why do windows PCs come with so much bloatware and trialware
  72. Join the Steam on Linux Group, on Steam!
  73. Windows 7 License Refund
  74. Windows 7 vs OSX
  75. [SOLVED] What distribution should i choose?
  76. Which Browser Do You Use?
  77. Firefox discussions
  78. Which operating system do you use and why
  79. Ok I'm freaked out now....:D
  80. 32 or 64-bit version?
  81. unity alternatives
  82. GUI similarities
  83. I want Gnome 3 and Unity to have babies.
  84. netflix on androids
  85. which browser?
  86. Open Source Community Quirks
  87. Firewall / anti-virus
  88. Do you think I should use ubuntu or windows on my new build HTPC?
  89. Thanks to Microsoft the Desktop PC market is going to fall; what does mean for Linux?
  90. Re: Differences between operating systems
  91. lol @ the Firefox Vs Chrome speed difference!!
  92. Outdated packages?
  93. Is Ubuntu safer than Mac OS?
  94. My words exactly Linus!!!
  95. Quit "dumbing down" the desktop!
  96. I don't understand the appeal of tablets
  97. Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs. Edubuntu
  98. Linux security myths talking to people using windows
  99. Ubuntu front page misleading
  100. Chromium or Google Chrome and why?
  101. angry rant: subject: ubuntu resource usage
  102. (Comic) An Update is Available for Your Computer: Linux vs Windows vs Mac
  103. ok, just found this, :D
  104. There's a Chrome app for Netflix now, should work on Linux...just kidding.
  105. What search engine do you use?
  106. Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu
  107. open source????
  108. ubuntu 11.04 is the windows vista of Ubuntu
  109. Virus Spam phone plishing
  110. Your Computer (According To General Motors)
  111. logging in as root
  112. OS X now much more secure than Windows or Linux
  113. [SOLVED] Drop To Root Shell Prompt not asking for password
  114. Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive
  115. Another Hallmark Postcard Virus. Will it be a Problem on Linux?
  116. [MS Fail Collection] Reasons to never recommended MS Windows
  117. [Linux Fail Collection] Reasons to never recommend Ubuntu
  118. HP Touchpad Discontinued!
  119. Unity isn't terrible, but it's not that good either
  120. What's the point in complaining?
  121. Gnome 2 fork on its way?
  122. Why is WEP considered insecure?
  123. Which os system is the best out of ubuntu (Vote)
  124. Windows 8 and Ubuntu
  125. gnome vs unity
  126. Hello! Followed by a question!
  127. Ubuntu Or Windows?
  128. Amusing old news article that mentions Linux
  129. does anyone actually only use open source software?
  130. virus
  131. Blizzard have a Linux World of WarCraft Client
  132. Would this still be considered Open Source?
  133. how did you come to use Ubuntu?
  134. Why do people say Linux is "amazing"?
  135. First Impressions do they matter?
  136. Firefox or Chrome?
  137. How is Ubuntu pronounced?
  138. Which is the best distro ?
  139. The android is going to give windows competition
  140. 32-bit or 64-bit?
  141. Will Windows 8 kill Microsoft?
  142. *** ~ Top 3 Difference between Ubuntu & Linux Mint ~ ***
  143. What makes Ubuntu and other Linux & GNU/Linux distros so safe? [MEGA THREAD]
  144. More ponies
  145. College
  146. Why's ubuntu so bulky?
  147. Linux and Apple
  148. HTC fights back
  149. Is it the Unity interface, or the manner it was decided?
  150. The reason I like and use Linux what's yours?
  151. How to get refund for unused Windows?
  152. Did the SCO ruin Linux's start?
  153. NetFlix?
  154. locking for the best OS for my old crapy pc's
  155. Banshee is a bad choice for the default media player.
  156. Ubuntu on Mobile Phones
  157. Super fast boot times like Windows 8?
  158. Chromium vs Firefox, which one is...
  159. What browser do you use under Ubuntu?
  160. [SOLVED] Which other distro would you recommend?
  161. For Those Who Gripe About Unity...
  162. New Releases
  163. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 starts airing tomorrow!
  164. [SOLVED] is Ubuntu supposed to compete with Windows???
  165. pros and cons for ubuntu 64-bit
  166. documentary about the start of Linux and open source programing OS
  167. Which OS and which Web Browser are you using right now?
  168. Funny Windows errors
  169. I've left Firefox behind and moved to Chrome
  170. The Linux desktop is dead. Long live the Linux desktop
  171. Microsoft banning linux on their computers could actually be a good thing...
  172. When 11.10 comes out can I just update from 11.04?
  173. Flaws of Unity and Ubuntu?
  174. Not so much a help question, but...
  175. Unity or Gnome
  176. What media player do you use under Ubuntu?
  177. My thoughts on 11.04 + Unity
  178. Appropriate thread on a different forum
  179. No more Firefox??
  180. Petition to End Software Patents in the US
  181. How is Linux pronounced?
  182. Samsung vs Apple / Apple vs Samsung
  183. Anti-virus software for Ubuntu
  184. Linux 1.00%
  185. Reasons to HATE linux.
  186. Current Direction of Ubuntu
  187. What's your Favorite Desktop?
  188. Unity or not-Unity?
  189. i don't consider my kubuntu as kubuntu
  190. Which distro for VERY old laptop?
  191. Why is KDE not the standard 'buntu
  192. Aptitude, apt and synaptic
  193. Why is Unity considered bad
  194. Climate Change? What about Magnetic Poles?
  195. Good that Ubuntu chose Unity not Gnome3
  196. Ubuntu 11.10 - no classic GNOME - what do you think?
  197. unity-style dock vs gnome2-type taskbar
  198. Wy do you choose Ubuntu over a Mac?
  199. What is going on with OpenOffice?
  200. the ONE thing thats keeping me from using unity
  201. Recommend a tiling WM/Distro?
  202. Web Browser
  203. Best desktop environment
  204. Best email
  205. What is your main window manager
  206. iPhone vs Android
  207. MAC user Unity Envy?
  208. Unity Gripes and Hopefully Solutions
  209. Virus Free
  210. Valve Porting Source to Linux?
  211. Best "Must Install" Stuff for Ubuntu 11.10
  212. I'm Never Using Firefox Again!
  213. windows chronology
  214. New Ubuntu Is Out Lets Hear About What You've To Say
  215. minimum forum activity off the bleeding/leading edge
  216. Alternatives to GNOME Shell and Unity
  217. Unity, seriously?
  218. Ubuntu 11.10 : A serious setback
  219. 11.10 worth getting?
  220. do not like
  221. This ocelot is on my last nerve!
  222. Why Linux? Because Linux is better!
  223. How does Ubuntu 11.10 make you feel?
  224. Never seen so much complaining
  225. need alternative to ubuntu
  226. Reverted to ubuntu 10.10
  227. Eric Raymond's opinion on Ubuntu 11.10, Unity and Gnome 3 ...
  228. Ubuntu 11.10 & UNITY - A big mistake!
  229. What is going on here?
  230. Linux has until April 2013 to grab me back
  231. Still no Netflix support
  232. Why do people think it's Linux's fault that Netflix doesn't support them?
  233. 11.10 a disaster for me.
  234. Unity - What is good for?
  235. I was afraid of "MAC" and now "Linux" has become just like it
  236. Do not like the new 11.10. Give me Classic anytime
  237. Samsung files injunction against iPhone 4S sale in Japan, Australia
  238. why Ubuntu prefer GNOME over KDE ??
  239. Leaving Ubuntu.
  240. Whats the best KDE, Gnome, or XFCE?
  241. Windows 8 UEFI secure boot.what it means for the future of linux?
  242. When should we expect Canonical to kick Unity ?
  243. [SOLVED] LTS vs. 6 month edition uprade
  244. How to improve 11.10, a resource hog with diminished functionality
  245. Gnome-shell vs Unity (under the hood)
  246. Issues with 11.10
  247. Gnubuntu? Discuss.
  248. Why are almost all computers sold today black in color?
  249. 11.10
  250. Why should I choose Ubuntu over Windows 7 ?