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  1. [SOLVED] GCompris will not load
  2. The normal mathematics level for a hs student?
  3. Saving a plot into a .ps-file in GDL
  4. Serial port I/O using octave
  5. abinit 6.0.2 for lucid
  6. [SOLVED] R - limit parameter space of optim()
  7. Trying to install an .sh file.
  8. [SOLVED] [wxmaxima] contour lines same color
  9. Runtime database
  10. Simple Homework Circles
  11. why is Ubuntu sagemath so old?
  12. make error
  13. Lab management software
  14. Monte Carlo Method in SciLab
  15. List software for study english language
  16. [SOLVED] Typing Arabic in KTouch
  17. Help with using serial port for data logging
  18. Coin error running FreeCAD
  19. How should I process my graphs?
  20. Output text problem with gnome-translate
  21. Distribution fitting software
  22. Multiple Choice test Creator
  23. Installing R - Can't find sample datasets
  24. Any open-source Quantum mechanics software out there?
  25. [SOLVED] Maxima
  26. i need canonical facts
  27. Notes of gLife installation
  28. Has anyone realised that Pymol is not free?
  29. Open Source Foreign Language Software
  30. "BUffer Maker" for Ubuntu?
  31. cool interview questions
  32. Robots?
  33. [SOLVED] Using R program in Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10
  34. LaTeX beamer titlepage
  35. Open Source starting to take root in US colleges and universities
  36. Opportunity for FOSS in US Education
  37. Can KAlgebra compute the equation of the tangent line?
  38. Ubuntu in K-12: A question
  39. PyMB problem
  40. problems about Rosetta(a software for predicting protein structures)
  41. Kile comples indefinitely
  42. Open Video Alliance : Letís Get Video on Wikipedia!
  43. Looking for dictionary app with easy adding of custom languages
  44. Gnuplot looks different in Octave
  45. Call for gedit and octave users
  46. Help running Netlogo
  47. Latex algorithm package -- suppress algorithm numbers
  48. How to use Frutiger with Latex?
  49. need some help with octave
  50. Full page image in OpenOffice Writer
  51. DSP with either Scilab or Octave
  52. Matlab license manager
  53. Relative Links in Excel
  54. gnome office
  55. Open University Software
  56. Trying to install a tex package for texlive
  57. A bug in KAlgebra
  58. Ubuntu Cluster Computing
  59. [SOLVED] Limits in LyX?
  60. Ubuntu Linux in my school
  61. LaTeX geometry package
  62. Could you please help me with the survey for the BA project
  63. install adobe livecycle full process
  64. Education - programming difficulty
  65. TeXlive, natbib and revtex4-1
  66. Ubuntu Certification
  67. Matlab - Out of Memory
  68. [SOLVED] I need the name of a light that is inside the car.
  69. Running Tree-ppuzzle
  70. Help with model tools for uml 2.0...
  71. Upgrading SAGE
  72. Help to learn "R"!
  73. LYX vs. Word
  74. Mendely sementation fault
  75. arp-spoofing
  76. About swig and numpy
  77. ParaView has problem displaying STL?
  78. Problem Saving in Kile
  79. [SOLVED] Cant read images in octave!
  80. Reading images in octave!
  81. request for taking part in survey
  82. programs like Renweb and Edline
  83. japanese learning
  84. Edubuntu Tar.GZ
  85. Open R own console in Ubuntu
  86. Portland Maine Open Source Community Center
  87. Open Project! - Free Computer Technician Course - Staff Needed!!
  88. Having trouble importing Latex code into Lyx using tex2lyx
  89. Export control logic from simulink to ascii
  90. 8051compiler for ubuntu
  91. BOINC + Cluster
  92. boolean algebra question
  93. send serial program and input data to different computers in network
  94. [SOLVED] Eagle Cad Simulation in Linux
  95. Help needed with very simple statistics project
  96. Molecular Dynamics
  97. VFront / MySQL - Web-based Database
  98. Point Cloud Software
  99. jsMath in Chrome or Firefox
  100. Can anybody helo me out of project on LAMMPS
  101. Scilab crashes
  102. Matlab and python scripts
  103. micro controllers
  104. [SOLVED] TexLive Install error messages
  105. I need help installing matlab R2010a
  106. solve integrals
  107. definite integral fraction in LyX
  108. Piper diagram software for Ubuntu/Linux
  109. [SOLVED] Parametric ANOVA in oocalc
  110. Managing dog breeding.
  111. error while loading shared libraries: libfftw3f.so.3
  112. Computer Animation
  113. Can't compile auctex (LaTeX not found)
  114. Edubuntu: iTalc or Controlaula? Pros? Cons?
  115. Math Repository in Launchpad For Ubuntu Lucid
  116. Virtual Breadboard
  117. Abiword > OpenOffice
  118. Wiki for the education
  119. Pedigree and Genotype-Phenotype database
  120. Ubuntu 10.4 LTS & Quantum GIS (QGIS) 1.4 (Ubuntu version)
  121. [SOLVED] Octave 3.2
  122. matlab question: load a file as a cell
  123. Knowledge Management System
  124. Missing sample Makefile in Gromacs?
  125. PSPP vs. SPSS
  126. Software to help study psychology
  127. slightly annoying behavior of matlab r2010a on my computer
  128. collapsing sections in Kile (looking for solution or other program)
  129. Where did KeyjnoteGUI go? (Or how to add 3D effects to presentations)
  130. Chi-squared test for association on Gnumeric
  131. There are science programs on Ubuntu?
  132. Nano and Latex
  133. [SOLVED] Need assistance plotting graphs
  134. Raw retail data for R and data mining
  135. Lyx typesetting format
  136. Astronomical gear train/gear ratio calculation tool for linux?
  137. Vector sign in LyX Numbered formula
  138. New random sampling algorithm extension to GSL
  139. Promoting Ubuntu
  140. chemistry - opinion of a chemist using ubuntu
  141. [SOLVED] Engineering software and where and how to get them?
  142. Using R with SQLite
  143. Rkward formatting
  144. readability formulas
  145. Lack of F@H programs
  146. Ocp
  147. Explain this physics
  148. Scilab - Submatrix incorrectly defined
  149. VI for scientific report
  150. Guidance About Shell Scripting.
  151. [SOLVED] Mathematica 7 slow under Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)
  152. Computer Science Journals
  153. run R with gedit
  154. Randtext package for texlive not working
  155. uninstalling LAMMPS
  156. [SOLVED] Help with program R of r-cran project
  157. Derive equivalent
  158. Scilab fuzzy toolkit?
  159. ODE solver in SCILAB
  160. Strange problems during compiling in Kile
  161. Licence for documents
  162. BOINC/SETI@home CLI
  163. [SOLVED] Postgresql+GIS+R Resources
  164. [SOLVED] how to customize viewer for calibre
  165. Comparison of Frequency Distributions for 2 populations (unpaired data)
  166. How can I make this "simple" line/bar chart? (OpenOffice can't do it)
  167. Illumination Software Creator great for learning
  168. stat software help
  169. Dropshadow for text with PStricks
  170. omnet++ simple ad-hoc
  171. Edubuntu foreign language programs
  172. Origami Won't Download Work Units (10.04 Server)
  173. Naval Simulators
  174. [SOLVED] Install problem GDAL MrSid on 10.04 LTS
  175. graph and digraph
  176. Matlab install issue in 10.04
  177. Cannot compile DAP (http://www.gnu.org/software/dap)
  178. Texmaker spell checker
  179. openModeller on Lucid
  180. JSTOR pdfs take a long time to print
  181. Edubuntu 10.04 VMware VM ready for download
  182. tcsh scripting with gnuplot
  183. new linux version of LazStats
  184. [SOLVED] What are the < > characters called?
  185. Is there an open source tool for UHARC compression?
  186. Biased text searching in documents
  187. Motion Detection
  188. ifpdf bug in lucid's distribution of latex
  189. Peace Corps Volunteer looking for advice on collaboration software
  190. Resizing Eps/ps files
  191. [SOLVED] How to run Cisco CCNA exploration in Ubuntu
  192. xournal display problem
  193. R latex and OpenOffice
  194. Openathena project
  195. Repeated Full Freeze of OS during heavy matlab job, resulting in numerous file system
  196. missing components - Ksimus
  197. Urgent! Need help with simple 2 Assembly Language tasks
  198. installing/including a package in LyX
  199. Player/Stage
  200. FOSS GIS Users?
  201. MPI C/C++ Programms through Local Network
  202. [ANNOUNCE] new GSL Shell release / new contour plot function
  203. [SOLVED] Texmaker and *.bib files
  204. Error installing Imaging-1.1.6
  205. Decent LIMS for Ubuntu Server? (Laboratory Information Management System)
  206. OpenOffice Calc paste special
  207. Problem compiling QtiPlot 0.9.8 with xls import
  208. Zorin OS 3 Educational VMware VM ready for download
  209. Zorin OS 3 Educational VMware VM ready for download
  210. [SOLVED] Star Chart
  211. Taguchi - Robust Desing of Experiments
  212. 3d bar chart (for 3-dimensoinal data)
  213. Linux alternatives to Lab View for audio sampling?
  214. CasaXPS
  215. Crossword/Word Search Generator
  216. MULTCOMPARE HELP!!! very basic!!!
  217. Help getting our school district to convert...
  218. Is Sage Math in the repos?
  219. RKWard on Lucid 10.04 - Solution
  220. Installing fftw-2.1.5 mpi on cluster
  221. Best collection management software for scientific papers
  222. Workspace Browser for Python
  223. creating custom .bst file for use with bibtex
  224. Cannot install ANN package on scilab 5.1.1
  225. Learning neural networks with octave
  226. [SOLVED] Any software to block websites (porn, virus, violence) in Ubuntu
  227. Multimedia & Attachments in Unicode documents using PdfLatex
  228. Preschool Letter Program
  229. Stat software for lay person
  230. Stylometrics
  231. TeXlive error after upgrading to 10.04
  232. PDF Ebook manager
  233. [SOLVED] How Do You Collect GeoData?
  234. xml ECG viewing in Ubuntu
  235. Which language is better for scientific computing?
  236. Skillport Offline Course Manager - Fix
  237. Sequential graph
  238. The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  239. R and odfWeave
  240. Edubuntu 10.04 VirtualBox VM ready for download
  241. Creating MD5 / CRC-32 files for folders?
  242. [SOLVED] Installing packages for TeXworks
  243. How to OPEN and VIEW an .ecw map ?
  244. Alternatives to Novell Client for Windows that would work for Ubuntu?
  245. Ortep3 in wine
  246. [SOLVED] Notebook software for Linux
  247. scientific linux vs ubuntu
  248. Latex font problem
  249. audio files with Octave
  250. [SOLVED] LaTeX & Open Office Spreadsheet question