Chongqing, China's largest city. Pop 35 million. I lived and worked in this city for 3 and half yea

  1. Another view of Liberation Monument.
  2. The same flower market.
  3. The Jialing river in the dry season.
  4. Another view of  the New York, New York Bldg.
  5. The lights at night in Chongqing are phenomenal.
  6. A typical flower market on a small street.
  7. Midday smog in Chongqing. The summers are  brutally hot and humid. The air in Chongqing is not so good.
  8. Another view of JieFangBei.
  9. Light City
  10. Liberation Monument a war memorial in the central business district.
  11. View from a small plaza looking toward the Jialing river.
  12. Night view of ChaoTiaMen. It's where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers converge.
  13. Metro Plaza, I was there everyday. I lived just a few blocks away.
  14. Chongqing's World Trade Center Bldg.
  15. New York, New York Bldg. I worked on the 37th floor.
  16. Old and worn Xiangqi board
  17. JieFangBei Chongqing
  18. Looking toward JieFangBei
  19. Looking from the Yangtze River
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